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What model should I use to be comfortable and avoid leaks, M or G? TAKE ME TO THE TEST!


How can I care for my CycleBloom™?
  • Rinse your CycleBloom™ with clean water and mild soap to keep it clean and prevent the accumulation of iron from blood; otherwise the silicone may discolor and turn brown.
Why is my CycleBloom™ stained/turning brown?
Some women have high iron levels in their menstrual blood, which gives the silicone a brownish discoloration. This has no negative effect whatsoever on the quality or safety of the material, but you might not care too much for its appearance. Once a menstrual cup turns brown, it hardly ever goes back to its original color. We don’t recommend that you use bleach, hydrogen peroxide or essential oils to whiten it, because those products may damage the material. If you are unhappy about the color of your CycleBloom™, it is better to get a new one.

To keep your cup clean and free from accumulated iron, we suggest that your vigorously scrub it inside and out using drinking water and mild soap.
When should I replace my CycleBloom™?
As part of normal use, CycleBloom™ will endure movements and conditions that deteriorate the characteristics of its material. If you see any signs of damage such as cracks or scratches you must replace it.
How do I dispose of my CycleBloom™?
Medical-grade silicone is made of a mineral that takes hundreds of years to degrade in its plastic state. So it is important that once your CycleBloom reaches the end of its useful life, you dispose of it in 2 ways: by burning it, so the silicone turns into ashes that can be dispersed on the soil without polluting it; or by shredding it and dispersing the shreds over a large amount of soil. One CycleBloom equals .45 oz (13 grams) of material and should ideally be dispersed over 44 lbs (20 kg) of soil.

Another option is to reuse your cup for other purposes, such as container to germinate seeds for your garden.


How should I position myself to insert my CycleBloom™?
Choose the most comfortable position for you. You can squat, sit or raise a leg and set it on the toilet. While in the shower is the ideal time to remove, wash and insert your CycleBloom™.
What can I do if I am having difficulty inserting my CycleBloom™?
It is important that you relax your pelvic muscles to facilitate the insertion of your CycleBloom™. Try a different way of folding your cup, or change your own position.

With practice, inserting and removing your CycleBloom™ will become easier. Relax, be patient and consider that you are learning a new process that will bring important benefits and comfort to your menstrual cycle.
How can I prevent leaks and accidents while using CycleBloom™?
Once you have inserted your CycleBloom™, rotate it inside your vagina and move the stem in the direction of your navel and knees to attain a better seal in the vaginal walls.

During the first times you use CycleBloom™, remove it every 4 hours to gauge the abundance of your flow every day of your period. This will give you a good idea of how often you need to empty your cup. Remove, empty and rinse your CycleBloom™ every 12 hours at a minimum.

Rectal movement during defecation may move the position of your CycleBloom™; to avoid leaks, check and adjust the position of your cup every time you go to the toilet. On your days of heaviest flow, use a panty liner as protection against accidents.

Do Kegel exercises (abdominal and vaginal contractions) to promote better tone of your pelvic muscles which will allow for a better seal of your CycleBloom™ with the walls of your vagina. For better results, do your Kegels while using your cup. If you continue to have leaks despite following all of these tips, you may need to change to a larger size cup to achieve a better seal.
What precautions should I take while using CycleBloom™?
Follow the instructions for use, cleaning, and care of your CycleBloom™ and use it only during your menstruation.
Do not leave your CycleBloom inside your vagina for more than 12 hours at a time.
CycleBloom should be removed before having sex.
CycleBloom is not a contraceptive nor does it work as protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

Talk to your physician before using the menstrual cup if:
You have endometriosis.
You use an IUD (Intrauterine Device).
You haven’t had sex with penetration.

If you experience any adverse reactions, stop using your CycleBloom™ immediately, talk to your doctor and send a report to
What activities can I do while using CycleBloom™?
You can use your CycleBloom™ to do almost all of your activities. You can use it while you sleep, study, work, walk or practice sports, including swimming. You can use it during trips or long events with great comfort. You must remove your CycleBloom™ to have sexual intercourse.
Can I have sex while using CycleBloom™?
You must remove the menstrual cup before intercourse.
What should I do if I cannot remove my CycleBloom™?
First and foremost, don’t be scared; your vagina is approximately 3 to 4 inches (8 to 10 cm) long and the cup measures a maximum of 2.5 inches (7 cm) so you only have to make it come down enough to reach it with your fingers. If your CycleBloom™ is far from the entrance of your vagina, bear down so that your pelvic muscles help to lower it.

Relax your pelvic muscles and push gently to remove your CycleBloom™ with ease. Look for the anti-slip leaves on the outer of the cup, press the base and move gently from side to side to allow air to enter. Slowly and carefully remove your CycleBloom™ and empty its contents.
How can I disinfect or sterilize my CycleBloom™?

More frequent sterilizations could reduce the useful life of the cup.
Avoid cleaning with perfumed soaps, oils, chemicals and disinfectants. Always use drinking water to wash your CycleBloom™.
  • Boiling: Bring water to a boil and put your cup in for 20 minutes. After the time is up, turn off the stove and let the water cool off before removing your cup. Use only glass and stainless steel containers. PLACE A PIECE OF CLOTH AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAN WHERE YOU WILL BOIL THE WATER TO KEEP THE STEM FROM TOUCHING THE HOT BOTTOM.
  • Steam cleaning: Bring water to a boil in a steamer. Place your menstrual cup inside the steamer for 20 minutes, after which you should turn off the steamer and let it cool off before removing your cup.
  • Microwave it: Place your cup in a microwave-resistant container and cover it with drinking water. Place a loose- fitting lid to keep the water from evaporating. Heat for 20 minutes and cool off before removing from microwave.


How do you manage the quality of CycleBloom™?
CycleBloom™ meets quality standards for medical devices:

• Complies with the ISO13485:2003 standard for Good Manufacturing Practices
• The material used complies with Class IV Medical Grade Silicones (implantable) standards of the Mexican and United States Pharmacopeias.
• The manufacturing plant follows a strict waste management protocol in compliance with its ISO 14001 certification.
Does CycleBloom™ have a warranty?
CycleBloom™ has a 45-day warranty against manufacturing defects from the date of purchase. If your cup has any defect, please validate your warranty.


Can I use CycleBloom™ after having an abortion?
Ideally you should not use the menstrual cup during the first 30 days after having an abortion or miscarriage. After events like these, the uterus, cervix and vagina are swollen and very sensitive, so using CycleBloom™may cause discomfort and affect the healing process.
Can I use CycleBloom™ after giving birth?
It depends on the type of birth you had. If you had a C-section, you can use CycleBloom™5 days after the surgery once the uterine inflammation goes down, such that the seal that the cup forms with your vaginal walls does not cause any discomfort. Since the cervix did not dilate and the cervix os is still sealed, there is no problem using CycleBloom™.

If you had a vaginal birth, it is NOT recommended that you use CycleBloom™ during your post-partum bleeding or 40-day “cuarentena” because your vaginal and cervical muscles need time to get back to their original shape and heal from any tears that might have occurred during labor. CycleBloom™ may cause discomfort and keep the muscles from rearranging themselves properly. On the other hand, when there is a vaginal birth, the cervix takes about a month to close again while the uterus cleanses itself and the site where the placenta was attached heals. This means there is a direct entry from the vagina to the uterus (which has an open wound), so any kind of vaginal contamination could cause a uterine infection. That is why doctors ask new mothers to abstain from having sex or any kind of vaginal penetration for 40 days after labor, which is what it takes the system to restore itself. We strongly recommend that you follow your doctor’s advice.
Can I use CycleBloom™ after a medical procedure?
The use of CycleBloom™ is NOT recommended after any surgical procedure in the anterior or posterior pelvic area or in the low abdomen.
Can I use CycleBloom™ if I have an IUD?
You can, you just need to be very careful when removing the cup.
Can I use CycleBloom™ if I never had sex?
You can safely use CycleBloom™ even if you have never had sex. However, you must keep in mind that since CycleBloom™ goes inside your vagina it could tear the hymen, that thin membrane that surrounds the opening of the vagina, and this can feel a little bit uncomfortable the first time you insert the menstrual cup. After that, it should cause no discomfort and it offers a lot of benefits.


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CycleBloom™ has a 45-day warranty against manufacturing defects from the date of purchase. If your cup has any defect, please validate your warranty.


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