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Cookies are a set of text and numbers, that are stored into your browser memory in the form of a URL, to assist the browser in remembering user information that was previously used when the web page was last visited. Cookies can be accessed by the user computer or by the web server. A cookie itself does not contain any real information, since it is only a small text-string file. It is the browser that can read a cookie after it retrieves the cookie stored from the computer.

There are two types of cookies. Session cookies are temporary and are deleted once the visited site is shut down. Persistent cookies are permanent and are stored in the browser’s subfolder. The server activates persistent cookies once the site that created them in the first place is re-visited.
At CycleBloom, we use cookies to help ensure our users have nothing short of the best possible experience visiting our web page.

Use of cookies enables us to first and foremost secure your visit to CycleBloom webpage. It is via the use of cookies that helps us distinguish if someone other than yourself is not attempting to access your CycleBloom account from another device. Usage of cookies enables our server to identify and grow conversant with your device that you normally use.

Cookies also permit mutual exchange between our application and the users. You can share information and piles of data on CycleBloom application, in turn CycleBloom can share relevant ads with you.
CycleBloom uses certain tracking technologies or tools that help us collect user cookies.
We use 2 types of cookies that are used by our tracking technologies:

• Session Cookies – these cookies help a user to move from page to page within our web page without having to provide the same information that was already inserted into the site on first visit. Session cookies are transient, the browser needs them to recognize a user without requiring authentication on each visit made next.
• Persistent Cookies – these cookies help us remember the user activity on our web page. This includes behavioral data, preferences used for settings and content engagement metrics. Persistent cookies aid us in our analytic research and help us create statistics on user traffic and interest. Cookies generated from social media activity, ad viewership and analytics are all part of persistent cookies.

Here is a list of all tracking technologies used on both CycleBloom web page and application:
GOOGLE ANALYTICSPerformance Tracking – We use Google Analytics to track in what way do the users use our platform. . Campaign Tracking – We use Google Analytics to determine what amount of user traffic is generated by each marketing campaigning.
GOOGLE ADWORDSPerformance Tracking – We use Google AdWords pixels for tracking, analysis and advertising.
FACEBOOKSocial Media Tracking – We use multiple Facebook trackers for re-marketing and advertisement purposes that allow us to track user sign ups from Facebook Ads. Cookies used here enable users to ‘like’ CycleBloom content from any source or web page.
MAILCHIMPPerformance Tracking - We use Mailchimp trackers for time and date of suscription to newsletters.
WORDPRESS Session Tracking - Necessary for the correct use of the web page, the navigation of uninterrupted form remembering options of language or country. They are used to identify the same temporary session of a user or browsing session, thus measuring, for example, the frequency. Technical Cookies: They store generic and anonymous information that does not include personal data whose objective is to guarantee the operation of the web. • Registration: They are created with the registration of a user (log-in). They are used to identify the user once he has authenticated himself within the Websites.